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Meet Disha Naik, India's First Female Airport Firefighter

Disha Naik, a young girl from Goa creates history by becoming India’s first female...

WBA Study Urges Corporate Action on Global Gender Inequities

The World Benchmarking Alliance research reveals global gender issues

Nuanced Debate Ensues Post N Murthy's 70-Hour Work Week Remark

The 70-hour workweek proposed by Narayana Murthy

BY: WE Staff

Farewell Meg Lanning: Look Back at An Iconic Cricketing Journey

Meg Lanning, the Australian cricket captain, retires

BY: WE Staff

Who is Mahua Moitra, the Firebrand MP Caught in the Line of Fire

The power of voice is a potent tool for communication, expression, and influence. A voice can inspire, persuade, and evoke emotions. It has the capacity to ignite change,

BY: WE Staff

Southern Indian States More Conducive for Working Women, finds Survey

Chennai is renowned for its favorable environment for women in the workforce. The southern Indian cities are ranked as top choices for women due to their inclusive industries,

BY: Ayushi Dutta, Correspondent

Tracing India's Female Labor Force Participation's Recent Growth

India's female labor force participation is a multifaceted issue that hampers the country's economic growth, gender equality, and workforce

BY: WE Staff

How Women Can Light Up India's Renewable Energy Industry

Efforts to remove barriers, promote education and mentorship, and create inclusive workplaces are essential steps toward harnessing

BY: WE Staff