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Why Women Are Important in AI?

There is a lack of women in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This is a problem because it creates an imbalanced and male-dominated field....

Seeing is Believing: The Truth about Role Models

In the following article Bhuvana speaks about Opportunities & Challenges, the Development of Leadership Skills, and Women’s Empowerment.

The Four Tenets of Effective Leadership

In today’s rapidly changing geopolitical and socio-economic environment the rules of the game with respect to leadership are changing.

Women's Empathetic System & Listening Power Enables Them to Flourish in Hospitality Sector, says Expert

The hospitality industry has been particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 for a variety of reasons. The hotel and leisure resort business concept aims...

Healthcare Finances - Money Matters For Lives

In an interaction with, Sandhya J Group, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Narayana Health, talks about the emerging role of the CFO today, the...