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For Women By Women: 5 Platforms Demystifying Finance for Women

Women’s contribution to the field of finance has been on the rise over the last few...

5 Indian Microfinance firms Catalyzing Women's Empowerment

Microfinance offers financial assistance like loans and insurance to marginalized...

Founders Speak: The Makings of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, women founders take a look back at their...

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What Women Founders Wish for this Women's Entrepreneurship Day

On this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we asked women founders what is their wish and hope for the future of the Indian startup ecosystem. While some hoped for a more inclusive industry

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This Investor turned Entrepreneur is Redefining Indian Fantasy Sports

Kejal Shah poetically summarises her journey as ‘From Investing in Dreams to Building One’. From an angel investor turning others dreams into reality, Kejal made her own entrepreneurial dreams

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This Woman-Led Upskilling Platform Empowers Common Indian Women

Nishtha Yogesh, Founder and CEO of Hunar Online Courses

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5 Women-Led Sweet Brands to Make your Diwali Sweeter

Experience Diwali's sweetness through these 5 remarkable women-led brands

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Women-Led Startups in India Grow From 600 to 14,400 In Five Years

The exponential growth of female-led startups in India has been a remarkable and inspiring phenomenon in recent years. Women are breaking down traditional barriers and making their mark in a variety of

BY: Ayushi Dutta, Correspondent